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When installing a lawn or garden area, you might be wondering if you should choose real grass or fake grass. There are many different factors to consider before making a decision. While natural grass is less expensive than fake grass, it can liven up a less-than-appealing surface. PVC and plastic sheathing, which are both naturally water-resistant, are generally smooth surfaces. There are many benefits of installing fake grass on a lawn or garden, and it requires minimal preparation. Just ensure that you use a quality adhesive for securing the grass. While the green colour of fake grass may make people think it’s eco-friendly, there are many negative impacts of this product on our environment. Buglife’s Paul Hetherington said that fake grass does not offer any environmentally friendly benefits and is particularly worrying given the dramatic decline in insect species worldwide. The installation of fake grass on concrete or soil is…

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These turfs are easy to maintain and will not stain or retain lingering odors from pet urine. When installed by a professional artificial grass fitter, these turfs can be used by dogs without any problems. During installation, it is important to consult a pet turf manufacturer or installer to ensure your lawn is the perfect fit for your pet. Many pet-friendly astroturf options include turf with holes to ensure that solid particles will drain out. The holes will also make cleanup a breeze and eliminate the risk of unsanitary conditions. Besides the drainage, some turfs are available with low pile heights for easier cleaning. However, low pile heights are not as durable as high-pile turfs. Some pet-friendly turf suppliers also offer fibers that resist heat, such as nylon. The face weight of pet-friendly astroturf should be higher than that of non-pet turfs. A heavier face weight will prevent urine odor…

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