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fake grass

Fake grass is made from the same material, but has more uses than straws. For a family of four, a single straw equates to around 21,900 straws – or roughly 12kg of plastic! Meanwhile, a metre of fake grass weighs only 1.42 kilograms. To help you understand how much plastic is in one metre of fake grass, let’s explore the recycling process. Despite being a popular landscaping choice, fake grass is not without its downsides. While it may appear to be a cheap, low-maintenance alternative to real grass, it won’t last for eternity. Its production also contributes to carbon emissions and uses fossil fuels, lowering the soil’s fertility and reducing the natural vegetation in the area. Artificial grass may also contain microplastics, tiny plastic particles that are ingested by humans and animals. Another drawback to fake grass is the lack of natural fresh cut smell. Fake grass lacks this, so…

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