Cement rendering is basically the rendering which is done on walls using cement and other materials in order to achieve the desired result. Rendering on exterior walls offers a number of benefits. It can effectively be used to beautify the home without changing its structure.  Rendering is a preferred choice as it usually gives a better effect when compared with paint. You may hire a professional traditional renderer for beautifying your house.

What exactly is cement rendering?

A mixture of cement, sand and lime is used in cement rendering. A professional traditional renderer can apply this mixture effectively on walls made of mud brick, cement, stone and brick. Once successfully applied, the rendering is coloured, painted and textured. Rendering and blueboard installation Melbourne is usually carried out with the purpose of beautifying the home.

Rendering can easily be customized to meet specific requirements. It can be smooth or coarse depending on the requirement of homeowners. It is easy to achieve any desired look and style with the help of professional traditional renderer by Crown Solid Plaster Pty Ltd. Homeowners may also choose from amongst pigmented, coloured or natural looking cement rendering in order to give their home a unique look.

In order to choose the right cement rendering for your home, it is advisable to consider few important factors like the style of rendering. Many different finishes and styles may be achieved by making use of different types of equipment and tools like sponges, trowels, brushes and several others. While opting for rendering and blueboard installation in Melbourne, it is advisable to decide on a suitable style depending on the overall design of the home.

Acrylic Rendering

Different kinds of premixes may be required for different situations. While most people prefer premixes which have traditional cement, others may prefer the premixes which have polymer additives. For applying cement premixes, a professional traditional renderer may be hired. Acrylic rendering has become quite popular in the past few years. It is extremely strong and resists water effectively. This type of rendering may be applied on a number of surfaces including AAC concrete panelling, concrete and cement blocks.

Various kinds of designer looks can also effectively be achieved by application of a finishing coat over acrylic render. Designs may be made on the finishing coat with the help of rollers, trowellers and sponges. The various types of finishes which may be achieved include glistening finish, stipple finish, clay finish, stone chip finish, sandstone finish, marble finish, stone finish and lime finish. The biggest advantage of acrylic rendering is that it gets cured easily and quickly. Its anti-fungal and water resistant properties make it a perfect choice for exterior walls.

Various types of rendering may be applied on walls with the help of professional renderers. Rendering may be used for enhancing the appeal and value of the house.

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