Even the most beautiful and appealing carpets can get damaged due to water spills which are quite common. It is hence important to take appropriate measures to protect the carpet from damage caused by water.

Tips for cleaning water damaged carpets

Cleaning a carpet with water spills is simple. The process however requires certain essential steps to be taken. While minor damages can effectively be treated at home, for major ones, it is advisable to seek professional help. We recommend complete carpet restoration in Melbourne as an excellent service provider. The following steps can prove useful with regard to cleaning and restoring water damaged carpets:

The first step involves identifying the water source which has caused damage to the carpet. Many times, water and other fluids may accidentally get spilled on the carpet while other times, the damage may be due to the flooding of the room. In such cases, it is essential to identify the water source and ensure that the supply is cut. It is also advisable to cut off the connections of electrical appliances, should they come in contact with the water.

In case the carpet has been damaged by dirty water, it is essential that cleaning is done according to the specified washing instructions. The instructions may depend on the material of the carpet. Different types of materials may require varied levels of care. It is hence important to read the instructions carefully.
In order to facilitate the cleaning up process, it is advisable to remove all objects from the carpet as they may create obstructions during the task. The next step involves sucking the water from the carpet with the help of a vacuum pump. Being thick and made of absorbent fibers, carpets tend to absorb considerable amounts of water. This water can only be sucked with the help of vacuum pumps. These pumps may be used until all of the water is effectively sucked from the carpet. Especially school cleaning service providers in Melbourne use this approach of ensuring the classrooms are clear before cleaning!

Once all the water has been sucked from the carpet, the next step involves placing it in a dry area. This also provides the opportunity to assess the level of damage in a better way. By assessing the damage, carpet owners can arrive at a conclusion whether to treat the damage themselves or to hire experts for the job.

The next step involves ensuring that the carpet has dried completely. Heating equipment and dehumidifiers may be used to ensure an uninterrupted flow of air. This air can prevent moisture and dampness. Once the carpet has dried completely, it may be placed back in the space. While placing the carpet, it is advisable to get a new set of padding in order to replace the old, damaged one.

While placing the dried carpet, an important aspect is to ensure that the area underneath is completely dry. Wet or moisture laden areas may cause further damage to the carpet. Placing the carpet in damp areas may encourage molds. Molds are hard to notice initially as they occur under the carpet, but may cause extensive damage.

Some carpets get damaged by water to such an extent that they cannot be restored. In such cases, owners are advised to check insurance policies which may save them from losses, says Yellow Bucket Commercial Cleaning Services.

Water can cause much damage to carpets. However, taking the right steps at the appropriate time can help in restoring the carpet to its original form.

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