Some companies been in this service for a really long time. One of their aims is to provide highest quality services to our customers at a price which is not only profitable, but foremost, is affordable for the client.

Services from such companies range from polishing concrete floors and ceilings to anything that can be possibly made of concrete. They know how to deliver the best to our customers and do so with utmost care. They treat your possessions like they are theirs. They value your products for the worth they are. Therefore, they go the extra mile to ensure that you get more than what you left them with.


These companies provide indoor and outdoor services for all kinds of concrete projects. The pools, benches, indoor and outdoor floors and all kinds of items that is made with concrete. If you have damaged flooring, don’t worry because they even provide services to repair the damaged floor and all kinds of surfaces. Polished concrete in Melbourne by LV Concrete Polishing is the solution to your problems.

Although, some of their services are time-consuming, but they save a lot of money as it solves your problem related to damaged concrete floors, and you will not have to replace your floors, which would have cost you a lot. The repair services are apt for even when there are small broken areas, or cracks on the flooring.

Company professionals polish the entire place so that the damaged areas look as good as new. In order to fill in the gaps, or holes, they may turn to grouting or patching. Then we proceed to prepare the surface for cleaning. After it is cleaned, they apply a layer of gloss or matte surface coat, whichever is most suited for the rest of the surface.

The services also include protection of floors and concrete coats from external damages and rough usage. They provide epoxy sealers.

The process of polishing concrete is as follows:

  1. First the coatings which may be present from previous treatments are removed. Then company professionals move on to the new polish. They only use high quality diamond tooling.
  2. Polishing is of two types. Dry polishing, and wet polishing. However, we recommend wet polishing as that is in accordance with the regulations of OSHA. Dry is also used in industries because it gives quick results. It is also thought to be environment-friendly. But, the wet polishing method uses water as a lubricant, and also to cool down the diamond. Because the friction is reduced by water, it provides the floor with a longer life.
  3. This process could be done in 3 to 4 steps. This helps in the removal of small cuts, marks, stains etc. Our experienced workers know the complete process, and understand when they have to move to the next step.
  4. They cut the floor with the help of diamond segments which are bound in a matrix.
  5. Then they apply a densifier on the open area, which is now receptive to chemicals.
  6. The densifier penetrates into the floor and makes the concrete stronger from inside and outside. It also increases the polish or the shine.

There may be many companies out there, claiming to be the best. But LV Concrete Polishing is the place where you want to go if you are looking for an amazing customer service!

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