If you are planning to start an epoxy flooring business or even planning to do your own floor coated with Epoxy, here is some useful information. This week we have decided to share about epoxy flooring because we have been receiving a lot of attention on our last weeks epoxy flooring process.One of the most important tool or wearable tool is Spiked shoes are important piece of stuff that needs to be used to ensure you are not damaging the surface you have prepared. The team at Betterseal Epoxy Flooring Melbourne use all these tools and are industry experts in the epoxy flooring industry! Keep a close eye on them at their website and stay tuned.

The next most important stuff is the squeegee that is used to spread the epoxy coating evenly on the surface. Another important tool is the roller that helps you to settle the surface on the floor. Spiked rollers is also another tool to have handy to get that extra perfect finish. Finally, the flexible blade smoother to smooth the top of the finish. Overall these are all the major tools you need for a well floored epoxy surface. The above video shows how to use these tools easily also!

Hope this short post has helped you a step further into self epoxy flooring. And if you are just after simple concrete polishing, we recommend a Melbourne based expert team Total Concrete Polishing Melbourne, check out their work gallery to get a better idea how concrete floors are different from epoxy coating.

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